“Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7).



Your gift of support will help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, strengthen families and help those that are in need.  
It will allow common people to achieve uncommon results.


Knights for Christ, Inc evangelistic outreach is made possible through the generosity of our faithful givers and Knights Covenant Partners that pray and financially support this worldwide ministry ordained by the word of God. Together with the local church and our financial partners, we can reach people and change lives in our inner cities and on every continent with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

If your are reviewing this page we are delighted that you would take the time to provide Knights for Christ an online contribution or become a partner. Knights for Christ is a World-wide Ministry and is dedicated to building an Army of Godly Men. We were created to restore strength & honor in Men, so that they may build stronger and stable families.  We are a nation of watchmen; watching, praying and guarding our our communities. We do not charge a membership fee because we don't have members we have brothers.  We are a brotherhood of Knights working toward one goal and that is to serve God, do noble deeds and become a servant to all.  We grow and help others from your generous contributions and partnership.


When you give a gift of support in Knights for Christ you help with publications that help build men, you help with future conferences and teaching, you help men that is on the street and provide them a way out, you help us reach young children in the hospital with a gift of hope. You help us with our street ministries to touch young and old and show them a way of escape that they have options. You help us tear down the barriers of pornography out of homes and on street corners and protect those who wish to harm our children. You help us build a T.V. and radio ministry. You help us build a world full of strong men that will build strong families and allow you, me and our families to walk down the street without fear because we know when we turn around, there is a Knight behind us!

  • Your gift allows us to provide those kids who need a Godly male figure in there life with a Knight
  • Your gift helps us give back to families that have been hit by disaster - We go to families home and help them restore their life back.  Whether it's picking up tree branches or cleaning the yard.  Knights will be there.
  • Your gift allows us to reach into homes and touch men that are hurting our lovely women and children.
Thank you for your gift of support,

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